High Speed Doors

Touchless Automatic High Speed Doors from Avians Innovation Technology


 Designed and manufactured “High Speed Doors” by Avians Innovations Technology are manufactured as per European standard and are CE certified and comply with the appropriate safety regulations. Avians doors are characterized by their high-quality components and well-conceived design. High Speed Door that opens and closes using a vertical roll-up system, perfect for places where large transit of trolleys & forklift.. & short opening and closing times are required. These door are popular in every industry having a built-in safety edge: upon contact with an obstacle the door stops and reverses automatically to avoid the risk of injury or damage & controlling environment conditions inside the factory. High speed roll up doors improves the flow of traffic through busy doorways. Variety High Speed doors are available suiting applications like Food, Pharma, Cold Storage & all Manufacturing Industries High speed Doors are available in different types like Plain, Modular, self repairable etc. with vision & full transparent.

FLEXI ROLL UP CLEAN ROOM DOORS (WithStandard and Self repairable option) 

Unlike traditional Anticrash roll-up door have the ability to withstand impact and spontaneous inserts right back into their tracks this is a huge benefit in a warehouse application. Clean room doors can maintain the hygiene and optimizes your clean room operation. Pressure levels are kept stable, air leakage is minimized and the exchange of contaminants and airborne particles is significantly limited.

Standard Design Self-repairable Design 

These doors protect against drafts, humidity,dust and dirt. Specially designed and engineered for cleanliness with standard and self-repairable type. The tight seals and high speed minimizes air exchange between areas, Mechanical accessibility and the ability to clean are seamlessly
integrated as well as the collection points and conventional seams are minimized. Clean room doors have an aesthetical and slim appearance; the pressure resistant flexible PVC door curtain keeps clean rooms in constant over- or under-pressure. Having high opening and closing speed which minimizes the air leakage which results in optimize the operational cost of clean room. A combination of high-speed operation and perfect sealing protects against drafts and humidity makes the door special. Smooth and even textured flexible PVC door curtain is easy to clean and wash as it is water protected. 


Stainless steel components allow for easy wipe down ensuring sanitary conditions. These doors have a standard design which is economical option and self-repairable for special applications. 

User friendly construction 

Features like Full-width PVC vision window, photo cells and bottom profile safety edge makes the door very popular in many industries. 


• Opening speed of up to 0.8 m/sec to 1.5m/sec improves traffic flow and operational efficiency.

• Fast opening- and closing-speed helps control air exchange and reduces contaminants. 

Smooth Operation 

In clean room door frequency con verter is placed in the control panel. Control panel is equipped for easy integration with various safety & operational accessories. 

Tight Seal 

• Full-height weather seal

• Flexible bottom profile with provision for safety edge sensor makes operation safe. 


• Direct drive European motor, smart control panels reduce maintenance and Performance & door life.

• Smart control panel with ease of integration with ease of safety,indicative, operational accessories makes the door more

Positive & Negative air pressure 

Interlock system with automatic opening based on the concept that the low air permeability in pressurized rooms with positive and negative air pressure. This offers high door efficiency with a very low permeability values. 


 Common use-cases for these clean room doors 

• Medical Facilities

• Pharmaceutical Operations

• Food Storage

• Cold storages

• Electronic Industries.

• Micro-mechanics industries.

• Packaging

• Printing

• Warehousing

• Mining

• Carwashes 

• Commercial door systems

• Industrial roller doors

• Automatic roller doors 

FLEXI ROLL COLD STORAGE APPLICATION DOOR (Insulated PVC fabric available in standard & Anti crash design) 

Avians Cold room PVC curtain rollup door is designed to reduce energy consumptions, insulated doors help to minimizes temperature losses and to accelerate process. A better PUF insulation is filled between PVC materials. Door insulation is improved to provide excellent horizontal and vertical sealing. Comply food safety requirements with Avians high performance cold room doors that maintain cold temperature and minimizing energy use and costs. Our high performance cold room doors with open/close door cycle keep air cool and dry with reduced moisture levels. The exceptional seal minimizes the loss of conditioned air. Cold storage roll up doors are designed to meet expectation of clients for high level insulation for areas like freezer/ chiller rooms & Cold storages. Mainly losing of energy is occurred during door operations. Conventional sliding cold room doors are slow in operational speed, obstructs the forklift traffic resulting high energy consumptions. These doors with high speed operation and specially designed for maintaining ambient environment between chilled and freezer area. 

The curtain of Avians rapid doors is reinforced at regular intervals from top to bottom of the opening by flexible stiffeners incorporated under sealed welds. They tension the curtain evenly down to the bottom of the slides to provide good sealing and distribute the pressure over the whole of the frame uniformly for reliable and continuous operation, even under pressure, without additional weight or a rigid bar at the bottom, or a system holding the curtain captive in the slides. On contact with a vehicle, the curtain comes out of its slides without causing any damage and goes back into them again on the next cycle without any manual intervention. 

Features Excellent Sealing 

• Side guide has isolation rubber and guide is designed to lose temperature. Cold room door has soft edge system to increase isolation. The fabric is insulated of PUF The fabric is insulated & thickness may vary as per requirements. 18-20 mm. 

Low maintenance 

• Cold room flexi roll up doors doesn’t require any special maintenance 


• For industries that require isolation, flexibility, performance, uptime and high traffic areas roll up door is a feasible solution. 

Manual Operations 

• In Emergency situations or power is off Doors can be operated manually with standard hand crank attached to output shaft of motor. 

Highly efficient 

• Avians offers a wide range of opening commands. Automatic opening and closing results in considerable time saving and improves the efficiency of daily operations. 

Common use-cases for these clean room doors 

• Warehousing for food , Medicine 

• Bulk freezers Manufacturing facilities for food,pharma.

• Manufacturing of electronic parts.