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  • Gates

    Avians is most preferred manufacturer for Automatic gates; the key point is lots of customization along with deeply research and development of the product till the customer’s satisfaction level. Along with this we are a leading enterprise engaged in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive assortment of the best quality Automatic Rolling Shutters to Automatic High Speed Door, Road Barriers, etc.

    Smart Features

    1. Automatic Operation with 24 hrs. Safety & Security - In Automatic gates we have automation in operation by giving Push button / remote control / access allow accessories & lots of verities in safety like Safety photocell/ safety edge sensor which will always provide the Comfort and safety 24 by 7 which is considered to be some of the most important things in a commercial, residential, industrial establishment to feel the secure premises.

    2. Customization as per application prior Technical Analysis : We always support for the customers priority by providing the technical support for their customization. This combination always gives the product which has Great aesthetic value, satisfying customers need and of course along with safety and security.

    3. Special features Avians Automatic Gates are CE certified; make sure that every part of the automated Industrial gate is built with elegance and high efficacy. These gates can be In MS, GI, SS, Hot deep Galvanized with designs industrial, customized & ornamentals. Gates are designed to offer high efficiency in harsh conditions; drives are designed to have smooth operations over the years. Through in house quality checks at every stage & lab testing for various mechanical/chemical parameters makes sure that gates offers best operations. By integrating various safe & operational accessories further safety can be added. Avians has expertise in SCADA programmed operations to operate and monitor from centralized control room where no of gates are more & safety is major concern. Through Scada one can see & control all gates operations even spread within a multi KMS distance.

    4. Designs as per your site condition : Based on the site conditions, no of operations, special features required Avians has variety of gate designed built to suit the requirement.

    • Avians Motorized Sliding Gates
      Motorized sliding gate is type of gate for entrances with sliding mechanism to make secure premises; it works on a simple but effective mechanism of Rack and Pinion by sliding on either side of the opening. Rack and Pinion are such designed to have smooth mashing and minimum load on the drive. These gates slide by means of bottom heavy duty rollers over a bright bar on a high load capacity I Beams rails smoothly through high precision guide rollers and bearings.
      These gates are operated with bottom mounted electrically operated motorized system. The gates are also designed to withstand wind resistant and corrosion proof with galvanizing process. Smart and advance drives, controls are perfectly harmonized to guarantee ease of assembling and programming. Gates can be operated manually in case of power failure, also can be customized as per any specific requirement and application.

    • Avians Motorized Cantilever Sliding Gates
      Avians motorized cantilever gate is most suitable product for the place where frequent movement of vehicle is carried out as like material gate, in such a condition regular sliding gates are not suitable, because track become wear and tear after some time whereas cantilever gate is trackless gate which is supported for these type of roadway which is free of track and supported by rollers which slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate. Entire weight of the unsupported moving gate panel is carried by imported rollers. The obvious advantage of cantilever sliding gates is that opening remains trackless for heavy movement of vehicles. Normally these are used in material gates. Various patterns and designs are available as per the customized requirement. These gates have the highest speed upto 0.4 m/s & clear opening up to 13 mtrs with 200 operations in 24 hours.

    • Avians Motorized Telescopic Sliding Gates
      Telescopic sliding gate system is the perfect solution for extra wide opening areas and wherein there is very less or no run-back for single side sliding arrangement to install the conventional sliding gates. These are manufactured in multiple gate panels thus reducing required back run/parking space. With multiple leaves moving simultaneous, the opening speed of the gate increases drastically. Each telescopic gate panel will move at a different speed so that the final position is reached simultaneously, operated by specially design telescopic mechanism; these gates can be synchronized with safety and operational accessories. These gates can be operated in Bi-parting mechanism to suit site conditions. Though various telescopic gates are installed, 32 meters clear opening x 2.4 meters height ornamental design gate is the highest size executed in two panels. Each panel is of 18 meters moves in synchronization with each other.

    • Avians Motorized Sliding Folding Gates
      There are situations where a gate installation is necessary for large opening dimensions and where additional parking is not available at all. In such situations, Avians provides the solution with its in-house manufactured product – Sliding Folding gate. Our folding gates have great advantages when it comes to its operating characteristics. These gates are totally automatic but can be operated manually in case of power failure they can be installed to a varied size of openings. These gates while operating first slide & then fold to save the parking space. Though various gates installed 16 mtrs bi-parting clear opening is biggest size executed. With both single and bi-parting option made of strong metal surfaces, the improvisations made in folding gates in the form of various safety and signaling accessories have enabled us to achieve a better, durable, less noisy and easy operational opening

    • Avians Motorized Swing Gates
      Swing gates are probably the most popular and widely used of all, as they present well and are very functional. They are ideal where driveway access is critical. The gates can be designed to swing either inward or outward. We manufacture a precision range of automatic swing gates in different compact designs, tolerances and are extremely easy to install. These are specifically designed to suit all architectural designs and are provided with a self-locking electric-mechanical operator. Ideally, our all automatic swing gates are set up on a structural metal frame; good quality pivots (hinges) or wheels. Drives can be mounted either above or underground as per requirement.

  • Avians: Fire Rated Rolling Shutters

    Avians is a pioneer in creating and designing automated doors and loading bay solutions for almost every kind of industry. It makes sure that with their expertise they meet every requirement of their clients. Fire Rated Rolling Shutters are the perfect doors to protect your workspaces like warehouses and factories against fire. The configuration of the automated doors is meant to function as soon as the temperature increases to a certain extent, preventing the spread of the fire.

    What are Fire Rated Rolling Shutters?

    Fire Rated Rolling Shutters acts as a barrier and prevents the fire spread in case of fire breakout from one area to other. The door comes down gradually in case of fire automatically after receiving a signal from the fusible link. Fire Rated Rolling Shutters designed to stay open under normal circumstances, and close automatically when a fire breaks out. Its structure and design help in preventing the spread of fire to adjoining areas. The fusible integrated links melt at 68° C, which triggers the fire rolling shutters to close automatically in case of a fire. For openings that require a two to four-hour fire rating we provide fire rolling shutters utilizing advanced technology and according to specifications of European Standards/FM Global/British Standard/CBRI.

    What makes our doors stand out?

    We make sure that every part of the door is built with finesse. All steel components of the fire rolling shutters are designed and fixed to provide complete sealing. Newly designed and tested G type guide, especially for fire rolling shutters. All the Fire Rated Rolling Shutters are available in a number of different finishes or can be powder coated in customized colours. Electric release and delay timer can be provided as optional accessories to meet specific customer requirements. The doors can include additional safety and operational devices such as smoke detectors, flashing lights, buzzer or fire alarms, ensuring the safety of the workers.

  • Avians, expertise at its best.

    Avians is one of the pioneer manufacturers and an end-to-end solutions' provider for high-end automatic doors and loading bay solutions. The Parent Company A Mathurbhai & Co was started in 1982 with manufacturing and development centre, Which gradually grew with strong expertise, Hard Work & Loyal clientele to become Avians Innovations Technology in 2007. Headquartered at the core of Pune’s industrial and automotive area (PCMC), Avians has a 2,80,000 sq ft. plant and warehouse facility. The team that started with few engineers and technicians has now grown into a massive team of experts.

    Their vision to deliver the best and innovative solutions in accordance to the client’s requirement sets them apart in the industry. Avians is a reputed name that's been setting up an example of par excellence services ever since their inception. The design and execution team of Avians creates a complete environmental protection against wind, heat, cold, dust, pests and intruders. Avians Research & Development team is working with all their experience and expertise for the betterment of products.

    High-Speed doors in India

    High-speed doors are automated doors that are used to keep the functioning of an industrial/commercial entity smooth at required pace. The speed feature makes the operation smooth, quiet, fast and more efficient.

    There was one more glitch in bringing buying and installing high-speed doors in a factory or warehouse. Initially, high-speed doors were imported from European countries which cost extraordinarily high for a lot of customers. None of the companies in India manufactured such type of doors as it required a different set of skills and knowledge to start manufacturing. As these doors were imported, product delivery time and cost was a major concern for many of the customers. In addition, these products were manufactured according to their own standards which resulted in customer dissatisfaction.

    Avians Skills in manufacturing High-Speed doors.

    India is a developing country and is rapidly growing in terms of industries. Avians started the business with automated shutters and doors but gradually started the manufacturing of high end automated products and loading bay equipment. Avians started acquiring expertise in this field by constant study of new technologies. Avians devised a game-changing plan in this domain.

    High-speed doors by Avians are designed with advanced technology, knowledge and several hours of testing at Avians R & D department, keeping in mind safety standards and extremities of nature resistance.

    It also customizes the products according to the customer's requirements after a detailed study of the situation by the experts. In 2009, Avians manufactured the first High-Speed Door in India. Avians is now the leading manufacturer of High-Speed Doors in the Indian market.

  • Avians' Loading Bay Solutions for you to be one step ahead.

    Avians has been the pioneer of bringing innovation and advancement to the field of industrial automated doors. With years of excellence, Avians is now an industry expert and is one of the very few establishments that offer the most refined and reliable products in High-End Automatic Entrance Solution Range. We ensure that every requirement is met accurately with their designs.

    Our Solutions!

    Loading Bay Equipment is one of the many products that we pride ourselves upon. As all components for your Loading Bay are available from a single source, the whole process - from product development and design to manufacturing, installation and service are optimally co-ordinated, which ensures smooth loading and unloading at your loading bay.

    Dock levelers:

    Dock Levelers allow safe, convenient and quick unloading of goods from the vehicles, minimizing energy used and help in maintaining the quality of transported goods. The Dock Levelers from Avians are manufactured conforming to the European standards and using advanced technology to create a precision based engineered product.

    Dock Levelers is placed at the exterior of the building in a loading bay. This is an actual bridge between the loading area and the vehicle, so as to balance out all the difference in height and distance. Various load carrying capacities ranging from 6 tons to 25 tons are available in the array of dock levelers offered by us.

    There are two types of dock levelers - Standard Lip and Telescopic Lip dock levelers. These Dock levelers are highly advance control panel along with the power pack are available with safety and integration facility as optional. All Dock Leveler controls offer the option of mutual safeguarding of the Dock Door and Dock Leveler to prevent damage

    Dock shelters:

    Dock Shelters provide an optimum seal between the internal and external environments, assisting in the reduction of energy consumption. Dock Shelters in combination with a Dock Levelers eliminate the need for a ramp and canopies and ease of operation.

    Dock shelters and Dock Seals are placed at the exterior of the doors openings and forms a shelter between the dock bay and the vehicle while the loading or unloading of the material is taking place. The vehicle reverses into the dock shelters which seals it off giving weather protection during the loading and unloading.

    Our range of Dock Shelters and Dock Seals such as retractable dock shelters and inflatable dock shelters form an effective seal between the truck, trailer and building and are best suited to sites where a stringent seal is needed.

    Our Promise!

    Above are two of the many categories where we have put in extensive research and our expertise. From identifying the requirements to creating solutions to execution, we make sure we take care of every single step.

  • High Speed Doors

    “High Speed Doors” Designed and manufactured by Avians Innovations Technology are robust, quick and fully secured doors in operations, best suited for manufacturing applications. These doors are manufactured as per European standard and are CE certified. Avians doors are characterized by their high-quality components and well-conceived design.

    Avians high speed roll up doors curtain are made of high tear tensile strength German PVC material which gives strength to doors in frequent operations & controlling environment conditions inside the factory. The door curtain rolls up quickly on the shaft which is directly connected to the high performance German make drive with intelligent control system. High speed roll up doors improves the flow of traffic through busy doorways.

    Variety High Speed doors are available suiting applications like Food industries, Pharma Industries, Cold Storage & all Manufacturing Industries

    High speed Doors are available in different types like Plain, Modular, self repairable etc. with vision & full transparent.

    (With Standard and Self repairable option)

    Unlike traditional Anticrash roll-up door have the ability to withstand impact and spontaneous inserts right back into their tracks this is a huge benefit in a warehouse application.

    Clean room doors can maintain the hygiene and optimizes your clean room operation. Pressure levels are kept stable, air leakage is minimized and the exchange of contaminants and airborne particles is significantly limited

    These doors protect against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt. Specially designed and engineered for cleanliness with standard and self-repairable type. The tight seals and high speed minimizes air exchange between areas, Mechanical accessibility and the ability to clean are seamlessly integrated as well as the collection points and conventional seams are minimized.

    Clean room doors have an aesthetical and slim appearance; the pressure resistant flexible PVC door curtain keeps clean rooms in constant over- or under-pressure. Having high opening and closing speed which minimizes the air leakage which results in optimize the operational cost of clean room. A combination of high-speed operation and perfect sealing protects against drafts and humidity makes the door special. Smooth and even textured flexible PVC door curtain is easy to clean and wash as it is water protected.


    Stainless steel components allow for easy wipe down ensuring sanitary conditions. These doors have a standard design which is economical option and self-repairable for special applications.

    User friendly construction:-

    Features like Full-width PVC vision window, photo cells and bottom profile safety edge makes the door very popular in many industries.


    • Opening speed of up to 0.8 m/sec to 1.5m/sec improves traffic flow and operational efficiency.
    • Fast opening- and closing-speed helps control air exchange and reduces contaminants.

    Smooth Operation

    In clean room door frequency converter is placed in the control panel. Control panel is equipped for easy integration with various safety & operational accessories.

    Tight Seal

    • Full-height weather seal
    • Flexible bottom profile with provision for safety edge sensor makes operation safe.


    • Direct drive European motor, smart control panels reduce maintenance and increase door life.
    • Smart control panel with ease of integration with ease of safety, indicative, operational accessories makes the door more efficient.

    Positive & Negative air pressure

    Interlock system with automatic opening based on the concept that the low air permeability in pressurized rooms with positive and negative air pressure. This offers high door efficiency with a very low permeability values.

    Common use-cases for these clean room doors
    • Medical Facilities
    • Pharmaceutical Operations
    • Food Storage
    • Cold storages
    • Electronic Industries.
    • Micro-mechanics industries.
    (Insulated PVC fabric available in standard & Anti crash design)

    Avians Cold room PVC curtain rollup door is designed to reduce energy consumptions, insulated doors help to minimizes temperature losses and to accelerate process. A better PUF insulation is filled between PVC materials. Door insulation is improved to provide excellent horizontal and vertical sealing. Comply food safety requirements with Avians high performance cold room doors that maintain cold temperature and minimizing energy use and costs. Our high performance cold room doors with open/close door cycle keep air cool and dry with reduced moisture levels. The exceptional seal minimizes the loss of conditioned air.

    Cold storage roll up doors are designed to meet expectation of clients for high level insulation for areas like freezer/ chiller rooms & Cold storages. Mainly losing of energy is occurred during door operations. Conventional sliding cold room doors are slow in operational speed, obstructs the forklift traffic resulting high energy consumptions. These doors with high speed operation and specially designed for maintaining ambient environment between chilled and freezer area.

    The curtain of Avians rapid doors is reinforced at regular intervals from top to bottom of the opening by flexible stiffeners incorporated under sealed welds. They tension the curtain evenly down to the bottom of the slides to provide good sealing and distribute the pressure over the whole of the frame uniformly for reliable and continuous operation, even under pressure, without additional weight or a rigid bar at the bottom, or a system holding the curtain captive in the slides.

    On contact with a vehicle, the curtain comes out of its slides without causing any damage and goes back into them again on the next cycle without any manual intervention


    • Excellent Sealing - Side guide has isolation rubber and guide is designed to lose temperature. Cold room door has soft edge system specially made from pot to increase isolation. The fabric is insulated of PUF of 18-20 mm
    • Low maintenance - Cold room flexi roll up doors doesn’t require any special maintenance.
    • Applications - For industries that require isolation, flexibility, performance, uptime and high traffic areas roll up door is a feasible solution.
    • Manual Operations - In Emergency situations or power is off Doors can be operated manually with standard hand crank attached to output shaft of motor.
    • Highly efficient - Avians offers a wide range of opening commands. Automatic opening and closing results in considerable time saving and improves the efficiency of daily operations.